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Modern Cat Furniture by Julinka

julinka hush hush modern litter tray

Julinka are a new German company, producing modern cat furniture, feeding stations and cat toys, all of which combine functionality with great design.  The company prioritises sustainablity: raw materials used in the construction of Julinka products are sourced in Germany (thus reducing transportation distances), and they recycle all their packaging.

The Hush Hush is a great solution to the perennial ‘Where Can I Hide the Litter Tray?’ problem.  On the outside it appears to be a perfectly innocent, cabinet..

modern litter box by julinka

..but the doors open to reveal a spacious litter tray, a shelf complete with a fabric mat (which will wipe your cat’s feet after the deed has been done), and a handy storage area.  Cats access the litter tray through an entrance in one side of the cabinet, and the slits at the other side provide ventilation and extra light.

julinka modern litter box cabinet interior

The Hush Hush cabinet is made from high-quality polypropylene-coated plywood – so will be easy to wipe clean.  The doors don’t have handles, and instead open with magnetic ‘click’ fittings, which gives the cabinet a sleek, modern look.  The Hush Hush measures L110cm x H55cm x D44cm, and the litter tray is L50cm x D37.5cm x H15cm.  I think the large litter tray is a really nice touch; most cats like a bit of room to do the do, and if more than one cat is using the same tray, space is even more important.

The Hush Hush is priced at €655.00 (approx £514.00 at current exchange rates).  Each cabinet is handmade to order, so you need to allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

The Mjam Mjam Cat Bar is available as a single or double feeding station.  Both versions consist of a wipe-clean polypropelene-coated plywood platform and ceramic bowls.  The dishwasher-safe bowls are available in a choice of interior/exterior colour combinations, and can also be purchased separately from the cat bar.

The single Mjam Mjam Cat Bar, for use by one cat; priced at €96.00 (£75).

mjam mjam cat feeding station

The double Mjam Mjam Cat Bar, for use by two cats; priced at €120.00 (£94.00).

double cat feeding station by julinka

The Julinka range also includes a couple of handmade cat toys:

organic wool catnip miceThe Cheeky mice are sold in pairs; one is filled with catnip, and the other with valerian (if your cat’s a catnip fan, then valerian will prove popular too).  The mice measure 23cm from nose to tail, and are made from 100% Loden wool, which comes from organically-farmed sheep.  They are available in grey/pink and blue/cream colour combinations, and are priced at €14.90 (£11.50).

organic wool cat fishing rod toyThe Plume fishing rod toys consist of an 11cm leaf (made from the same organic wool as the mice) and bell attached to a 45cm wooden rod by a 64cm cotton cord.  The Plume is available in three colour combinations: anthracite/light grey; aubergine/black; and brown/beige. They’re priced at €15.90 (£12.50).

Julinka also have a cat tree/scratching post coming soon – can’t wait to see it!

Modern Cat Furniture by Feloo

Regular readers will know that I’m a big fan of cardboard cat furniture – cats love it and it’s environmentally friendly; what’s not to like?  So, as you can imagine, I’m thrilled skinny to have discovered some of these products which are designed, manufactured and sold in the UK.

feloo cube sleeping pods

The Feloo range of cardboard cat beds (pictured above) and litter boxes is the brainchild of Alexandra von Ziechmann.  And the lovely Alexandra has very kindly given Cool For Cats UK readers a 10% discount on all her products.  To claim your discount, simply visit the Feloo website and enter the code CZZNTDHX at the checkout. (The code is valid until 24/07/2012.)

feloo cube litter box

Alexandra was inspired to create the Feloo Cube Cat Litter Box when her cat Tiggy had an adverse reaction to a general anaesthetic, and sadly lost his sight as a result.  As it was no longer safe for Tiggy to venture outdoors, he found himself in rather urgent need of a litter tray.  Alexandra was unable to purchase a modern litter tray in the UK that would integrate with her home, so she took the pro-active approach and designed one herself.  Feloo products aren’t just easy on the eye, they’ve been designed to fulfill your cat’s requirements too: the litter tray and the sleeping pod are both big enough to allow a cat to turn around inside them.  And we all know how much a cat likes to turn around and around in preparation for a sleep or a poo!

cardboard cat furniture uk

disposable litter tray uk

The Feloo Cube Cat Litter Box has a separate tray and lid.  Both sections are ‘wax-lined’ (like disposable coffee cups).  Alexandra has taken into account the fact that some cats like to stand up when they wee (which is impressive – most litter box manufacturers don’t think of this), therefore the lid fits inside the tray, so urine will run down into the cat litter and not onto the floor.

The litter boxes are available in different sized packs: as a lid with four trays, and eight wax-lined cardboard scoops, for £19.99; or as a lid with two trays and four scoops, for £13.85.  Each tray lasts for up to four weeks, and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth if required.  The lids have a much longer life, so you can buy replacement trays separately in packs of four, with two scoops, for £12.25.  The trays can also be used on their own without the lid.  The trays measure 43cm x 43cm and are 8cm high; the lids are 50cm in height.  Both sections are fully recyclable.  Although these litter boxes can be used with any kind of cat litter, Alexandra recommends the wood pellet or wood-clumping varieties.

The Feloo range folds flat for storage.  This makes the litter boxes ideal for occasional temporary use, for instance if you need to keep a cat shut in one room for any length of time because it’s unwell, or nervous around visitors.   Disposable litter trays are also a great way to minimise contact with dirty cat litter, should you need to for health reasons.

cardboard cat furniture uk

The Feloo Cube Sleeping Pod is available in adult and kitten sizes (kitten size pictured above).  The adult Pod measures 43cm x 43cm x 48cm, and is priced at £12.25; the kitten Pod measures 25cm x 25cm x 33cm, and is priced at £6.85.  Cats love sleeping on cardboard, and the enclosed nature of these beds makes them ideal for nervous or elderly cats.  The Pods have been used by Battersea Dogs and Cats Home to help provide some of their more stressed feline guests with a feeling of security.  The Sleeping Pod does not have a waterproof lining, and so can be composted at the end of its life.

Alexandra von Ziechmann had quite a lot of help from her gang of rescue cats while she was designing the Feloo range, so I feel it’s only fair to give them a mention here too!


From left-right: Tiggy (the inspiration for the Feloo range); the late Sven (the inspiration for the cute Feloo logo); and Stinker.

And not forgetting: Pasha Panda (left), who was found abandoned on a dual carriageway, and Gypsy, a feral kitten.  Looks like Alexandra has her hands full!


Footnote: I had an email from Alexandra today (28/06/12) which contained some very sad news.  Last Friday night, despite Alexandra’s best efforts to keep him indoors, 10-week-old Pasha somehow managed to get out through the cat flap and went missing.  Alexandra put posters up in the area, and looked for him everywhere, but to no avail.  Yesterday she received a phone call from a neighbour to say that he had found some of Pasha’s remains in his garden; it seems Pasha had become the victim of a predator, most likely a fox.  My thoughts go out to Alexandra, who will miss the affectionate and intelligent little Pasha terribly.

It’s worth remembering that fox attacks on adult cats are very rare, but it is possible for a hungry fox to view a small kitten as prey.  So if you have, or are thinking of getting a kitten, please remember to keep them inside until they are large enough to no longer be vulnerable to predation.

Modern Cat Furniture by Catteux

Anyone with a spare fifteen-hundred quid knocking about, and a desire to disguise their cat’s litter tray as a piece of sleek modern furniture, could do far worse than investing in a Catteux.

The wonderfully elegant Catteux (produced by a UK-based company) is made from fully-recyclable laquered MDF, and features a storage area for cat litter as well as a compartment for the actual tray itself.  The well-considered design also features some tastefully placed ventilation holes – presumably to prevent your cat from being overpowered by the smell of any of its more significant creations.

The standard Catteux measures 100cm x 50cm x 50cm and is available in black or white, with a choice of acid green, lilac purple or sunflower yellow for the interior spaces.  There’s also an option to customise the Catteux with a variety of wood veneers, wallpapers and scratch pads.

The standard Catteux is available from the company’s website for £1,490 ( I assume any customised versions would cost more).  Delivery within the UK costs £70.00.

Another piece of modern cat furniture to add to my ‘Things to Buy When I Finally Win That Bloody Lottery list’!

Modern Cat Furniture by Flinck

If your cat uses a covered litter tray, then how about one of these for a nifty way to disguise it?

The Litter Box Hider – produced by Amsterdam-based company, Flinck – has a canvas exterior, is lined with a water-resistant fabric and is available in two colours: dark grey and sand.  It measures 59cm high x 56cm wide x 39cm deep and will fit most trays.


The Flinck Litter Box Hider is priced at €69 (£58 at current exchange rates) and can be purchased online via Purrfect Design, who charge €18 (£15) for delivery to the UK.

What an ingenious solution to the perennial ugly-litter-tray-in-the-corner problem!

Mungo and Maud

Here’s a couple of items of modern cat furniture that are actually produced by a UK company.  I know – who’da thought it!

Mungo and Maud has a shop in Belgravia (London, SW1), an outlet in Harrods and a WebstoreThe company was founded by husband and wife team  Michael and Niclola Sasher with “the aim of sourcing and creating elegant and well-designed accessories (for cats and dogs) to complement the contemporary home and life style.”  And I think you’ll agree that they’ve more than fulfilled their brief.

First up, there’s the Cat Rag Basket, available in grey and natural.  The baskets are made from a cotton/polyester blend and stitched with nylon thread – so should stand up to a fair bit of wear and tear.  They also have an extremely snuggly-looking luxe fleece insert, guaranteed to keep your cat nice and toasty.



And here’s a rather sleek and minimalist solution to the ugly-plastic-litter-tray problem.  It’s called the Cat Litter Box, is manufactured from acrylic with a stainless steel insert, and is really rather lovely.

This is priced at a somewhat ‘aspirational’ £650; and although it appears to be beautifully made, and I dare say well worth every penny, there’s a part of me that says I could knock that up out of an old kitchen unit and a roasting tin, every time I look at it.  But there again, I can always talk a good DIY project – never get round to doing them though.