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Feral Cat T-shirt by Mad Old Cat Lady

feral cat t-shirt

I have a real soft spot for feral cats, and this t-shirt by Mad Old Cat Lady perfectly captures the ‘touch me and I will do you harm’ look that ferals do so well!

The Feral T-shirt is available in ladies Small-XL, and mens Medium, for £20 (which includes UK delivery) from the Mad Old Cat Lady online shop.  And if you’re looking for a card or gift for a fellow cat lover, or maybe a treat for yourself, check out the rest of the Mad Old Cat Lady range – you won’t be disappointed!

Mad Old Cat Lady


If you’re looking for a gift for the cat lover in your life, or indeed a treat for yourself, you should definitely check out madoldcatlady.comCards, art prints, crockery, bags, tea towels and t-shirts; the Mad Old Cat Lady has them all.  Many feature her signature fat ‘n’ floofeh cats, and quirky sense of humour; while more serious types are catered for with her beautiful art nouveau-influenced designs.

The Mad Old Cat Lady was previously involved in the media/music industry, but now lives in Brighton and spends her time drawing, printing and writing.  She has two cats, Sabbath and Morrigan.  Sabbath is the ‘absolute love of her life’.  (But apparently her partner does come a very close second!)


Something there for everyone, I’m sure you’ll agree! (I’ve linked the photos to the relevant pages on the Mad Old Cat Lady website.)

Mother’s Day Cards by Mad Old Cat Lady

I love these cute but quirky Mother’s Day cards from Mad Old Cat Lady.



You can check out the rest of the range at Mad Old Cat Lady.com   And if your mum-in-law has a very good sense of humour, you’ll find one there for her too!  All cards are priced at £3.00.