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The MIA Cat House – the Stylish Alternative to the Cardboard Box


The multifunctional MIA, by Polish designers, myKotty, is a stylish variation on every cat’s favourite, the traditional cardboard box.  It doubles up as a den and a perch, and, when combined with the MIA Cardboard Mat (which fits neatly inside), becomes a scratcher too.

mia-cardboard-scratch-matThe MIA is fully reversible, and can be easily slotted together with either the white or natural side facing out – both would look great in any modern interior.



The MIA scores top feline design marks for its two entrance/exit holes –  an alternative escape route is an important feature in multi-cat households, where the dastardly practice of ambushing can be an issue.


The MIA is available in the UK from Specially 4 Cats for £18.95.  Measurements: H48cm x D58cm x W57cm.  Specially 4 Cats also stock the MIA Cardboard Scratch Mat, available for £3.95.

Affordable Modern Cat Tree Made from Natural Materials

scorched wood cat tree from zooplusuk - affordable modern cat tree made from natural materials

Now here’s something you don’t see every day: a medium-large cat tree which is easy on the human eye, has plenty to offer our finicky feline friends, and which won’t break the bank.

scorched wood cat tree from zooplusuk - affordable modern cat tree made from natural materials

The Scorched Wood Cat Tree from ZooplusUK is made from top-quality natural materials.  The sturdy wooden base and posts ensure the tree is stable enough to remain standing during energetic play sessions, and the raised water hyacinth baskets and den provide opportunities for hiding and spying (both of which feature in the top ten of All Time Favourite Cat Hobbies).  Sections of the posts are covered in 10mm sisal rope, which will withstand a lot of scratching – good news for your cat and your armchairs/sofas/wallpaper etc.  I also like the way the sisal is positioned at different heights to suit various sizes of cat and accommodate different preferences for scratching positions.

scorched wood cat tree from zooplusuk - affordable modern cat tree made from natural materials

Measurements: H139cm x L58cm x W58cm

Available from ZooplusUK for £99.90.

Tres Chic Bamboo Cat Trees!

the boo range of stylish modern cat trees, by Martin Sellier made from bamboo

The Boo range of cat trees is by French pet products company, Martin Sellier.  This stylish modern cat furniture is made from bamboo, with sisal-covered poles and removable cotton cushions.

Naturellement, the Boo range n’est pas available dans le UK.  But, fear not, mes amis, French online retailer, Pecheur, stocks most of the pieces – with free UK delivery for purchases over £59.00.

Above left: Step Boo £114.40 (40 x 40 x 77cm); above right – Wheel Boo £79.39 (40 x 40 x 50cm).

Left: Big Boo £92.37 (40 x 40 x 100cm); right – King Boo £131.35 (40 x 40 x 109cm).  Psst: if – like me – you’re in possession of a highly unsophisticated sense of humour, it’s well worth clicking on the Big Boo link for the hilarious typo alone.

the boo range of stylish modern cat trees, by Martin Sellier made from bamboo

Left: Boo Cool £82.03 (44 x 35 x 40cm); right – Boo Drive £92.37 (40 x 35 x 85cm).

the boo range of stylish modern cat trees, by Martin Sellier made from bamboo

The Boo range is currently on special offer at Pecheur and the offer ends tomorrow (presumably at midnight).  So the prices I’ve listed are correct at the time of publishing, but will rise by around 10% when the offer finishes.  D’accord?  Bon!

Aesthetically Acceptable Large Cat Tree – Currently on Special Offer

purrshire super deluxe cat tower activity centre - modern cat tree

Here in the UK it’s nigh on impossible to find a large, free-standing cat tree/tower/activity centre (or whatever you want to call them) that isn’t fifteen kinds of hideous – most models feature acre upon acre of ugly carpet or annoying-to-hoover plush.  The Purrshire Super Deluxe Tower Cat Activity Centre goes someway to address the balance, in that’s it’s an aesthetically acceptable combination of traditional design and more modern materials – canvas is used in place of carpet and plush to cover the tree’s platforms and dens.

purrshire super deluxe cat tower activity centre - modern cat tree

The Purrshire Tower features enough perches, dens and scratch posts to keep your cat entertained for hours, and it won’t break the bank either: it’s currently on special offer for £54.99 from Pet Planet  (which is pretty blummin’ cheap for one of these behemoths).

Measurements: Height – 127cm; Width – 77cm; Depth – 40cm.  Or, in other words: quite large – it’s not going to sit unobtrusively in the corner, put it that way!

Modern Cat Furniture – The Very Multi-functional White Box Cat Den

white-box1The White Box Cat Den is a piece of modern cat furniture that can lay claim to being über multi-functional: it’s a den, a perch, a bed, a scratcher and a litter tray cabinet all rolled into one.

The den is made from wood, which has been varnished to create a wipe-clean surface both inside and out.  It features a raised sleeping platform/perch with a reversible cushion on the upper level.  Your cat’s scratching demands are met by a sisal pad, placed at a convenient height on one of the side panels.  There are also several small, paw-shaped vents in the sides of the cabinet, which allow light and air through to the interior and enable your cat to spy on you while you remain oblivious (all cats love to do this – it helps feed their collective superiority complex).


Inside the cabinet there are two levels connected via an oval opening in the dividing shelf.  The entrance to the cabinet is on the upper level and the space for the litter tray is underneath; so as your cat jumps on to the upper shelf after using the facilities most of the litter stuck to his or her paws will drop back into the tray – neat!  The space allocated for the litter tray is generously-sized – making it ideal to house large trays needed for multi-cat households.

Measurements: L52.5cm x W63.5cm x H90.5cm


The White Box Cat Den is available from ZooplusUK for £119.00 (inc UK delivery).  If you’re thinking of buying one of these, here are a few things you need to take into account:

1.  The litter tray shown in the promo shots is not included in the price – Zooplus recommend the Cleany Cat Litter Tray, which they say fits perfectly on the lower level.  You may find your existing litter tray will fit just as well.  Zooplus have included an option to buy the Cleany Cat Tray for £12.90 on the same page as the White Box Cat Den, which makes life very convenient.  However if you click on the link above, which takes you directly to the Cleany Cat Litter Tray page, you’ll find them available for £9.90 and save yourself 3 quid!  Tsk tsk, Zooplus!

2.  Zooplus don’t mention whether or not the sisal scratch pad is replaceable, so I’m assuming it isn’t.

3.  I’ve noticed that items of cat furniture like the White Box Cat Den tend not to be re-stocked by Zooplus once they sell out – so if you’re thinking of getting one, don’t deliberate for too long!

Catissa Cat House Now Available in the UK!

catissa cat house - modern cat tree

You may remember these spectacular floating cat trees that I featured a few months ago from the Russian company, Catissa.  At the time it was only possible to purchase the Catissa Cat House in Russia, but now this stunning example of modern cat furniture is available for delivery to the rest of Europe too.

catissa cat house - modern cat treecatissa cat house - modern cat tree

The Catissa Cat House is available in four different finishes – Coloured, White, Wooden (sealed with clear water-based varnish) and Black.  Priced at €300 (approx £265.00 at current exchange rates), which includes four sheepskin mini-rugs and an access ladder.  Delivery to the UK is €100 (£87.00*).

*Edit: Catissa have been in touch today (17/07/13) to say that delivery to the UK is now only €50 (£43.00).

(For further info on construction materials, measurements etc., please refer to my previous Catissa post.  Thanks awfully.)