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Modern Cat Furniture by Kitty City

kitty city cat activity centre

This rather nifty modular cat activity centre is by US company, Kitty City, but is available in the UK from Pet Planet.  The Kitty City range includes cosy hideaways, play tunnels, detachable toys and climbing and scratching furniture. Continue reading

Catissa – Modern Cat Furniture by Mojorno

catissa by mojorno

Catissa is a stunning piece of modern cat furniture, new from Russian design company, Mojorno.  With Catissa, Mojorno aim to introduce some minimalistic design into the world of cat furniture, and to transform the humble cat house into a piece of interior art. Continue reading

April Giveaway – the Cat Crib

cat crib UK

This month you have the chance to win an amazing Cat Crib (in the colour of your choice), kindly provided by Oz & Mr. Curious – UK-based online suppliers of affordable, high-quality cat and dog products.

To enter the giveaway simply leave a comment at the end of this post.  Continue reading

Modern Cat Furniture – Ruben Natural Cat Trees

ruben natural cat tree maya brown  ruben natural cat tree diva cream

Good news for UK fans of quality modern cat furniture: zooplus.co.uk are now stocking products from the Ruben Natural Cat Trees range!

ruben natural cat trees viking brown

I like this range of cat trees as it’s been thoughtfully designed to meet with cats’ needs to leap, scratch, perch and sleep.  Us mere humans have been taken into consideration too, which means the trees are easy on the eye and will blend with contemporary interiors – I love the use of stripped tree branches.

ruben natural cat trees lille brown  ruben natural cat trees ella cream

Ruben Natural Cat Trees are produced in the Austrian Alps from untreated hardwood grown in sustainably managed forests.  The scratching surfaces are made from sturdy sisal rope, to give your cats something to really get their claws into, and the platforms are lined with high-quality faux fur to provide super-snug snoozing spots (the fur is removable and can be machine washed).

Prices range from £109 – £299.  All models are available in a choice of cream or brown, please see zooplus site for measurements.

If you’d like to see some Ruben cat trees in action, check out this video.  (The commentary’s in Austrian and the products featured are from the Ruben Exclusive range, which isn’t stocked by Zooplus – but it stars a bunch of beautiful cats, so it’s worth a watch!)

Modern Cat Furniture – The Lollipop from Pet Dream House

lollipop modern cat bedThe Lollipop is a sleek, contemporary den for your cat, which can be used either as a ground-level hideaway, or with the stainless steel stand for those cats who like a look-out post.  And guess what?  It was designed in London, and is on sale in the UK!

lollipop modern cat bed

The Lollipop pod is handmade from polished fibre glass, finished with four layers of paint, and is available in black, white and red.  The stand is weighted (17kg), to prevent it from tipping over.  There’s also a foam-filled cushion (with washable fabric cover) to keep your cat nice and cozy inside. Measurements: height (with stand) 90cm; width 50cm; depth 50cm.  The Lollipop can be used indoors or outside.lollipop modern cat furniture

The Lollipop is designed by Onur Ozkaya and is available from Pet Dream House for £179 (price includes UK delivery).

But that’s not all….  Pet Dream House are on a mission to start a ‘Modern Pet Revolution’ and improve the design quality of pet products available in the UK.  They ‘feel that pet furniture and pet products need to advance at the same pace at which our home furnishings and leisure products do.’   I couldn’t agree more!

If you’d like to join the Modern Pet Revolution, head over to the Design Concepts page on the Pet Dream House site.  Here you’ll find a selection of designs for various pet products, and this is where it gets exciting: you can vote for your favourite designs, and if a product proves popular enough with the public it goes into production and then becomes available to purchase in the UK.  What a brilliant idea!   (I’ve already voted for the ‘Way Back Home’, a bookshelf/cat perch combo – pictured below.)

pet dream house design concept

Pet Dream House accept design submissions from anyone – you don’t have to have professional design experience.  So what are you waiting for?