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February Giveaway – Personalised Safety Collars from Kitty Collars

kitty collars personalised cat collars

It’s Giveaway time again, and this month there will be 5 lucky winners, as the lovely Marla and Rob from Kitty Collars are offering 5 of their Personalised Cat Collars (featuring the all-important breakaway safety buckle) as giveaway prizes!

Personalised Cat Collars are a great way to ensure your contact details are easily visible should your cat become lost – even the friendliest of cats can become so traumatised if they are lost that it’s very difficult for anyone trying to help to get close enough to be able to read an i.d. tag.  Personalised Cat Collars are also an ideal way to advertise the fact that your cat is on a special diet, and therefore shouldn’t be fed any treats by well-meaning neighbours!

Kitty Collars Personalised Cat Collars are made from soft nylon for your cat’s comfort, and each collar has an individually-tested breakaway safety buckle.  The 5 lucky Cool For Cats UK readers who win a collar will be able to choose from 3 sizes and 11 different colours!

To enter the giveaway simply leave a comment at the end of this post – only one entry per person please.  Entries must be in before midnight on February 28th 2013, and the 5 winners will be chosen in a random draw on March 1st 2013, and then notified by email.  Apologies to overseas readers, but this giveaway is only open to addresses within the UK.

(If you click on the image below it’ll enlarge and you’ll be able to read the text – which tells you everything you need to know about the Personalised Cat Collars.)

kitty collars personalised cat safety collars

Cat lovers Marla and Rob share their home with 3 beautiful black and white rescue cats: 15 year-old sisters Rosie and Flo, and young whippersnapper, Timmy, who’s 18 months old.  Flo gets the credit for starting Kitty Collars: she came home a couple of times with one of her front legs caught in her elasticated collar, and this prompted her concerned owners into seeking a safer alternative; and so Kitty Collars was born!

Marla and Rob's rescue cats - Timmy (top) & Flo (bottom).

Marla and Rob’s rescue cats – Timmy (top) & Flo (bottom).

UK-based Kitty Collars have been trading since 2004 and sell a wide range of cat safety collars.  Their Personalised Cat Collars have been recommended by Cats Protection, and have also been voted one of the 50 Best Pet Accessories in the Independent Magazine.

Flo's sister, Rosie (sporting a very fine moustache).

Flo’s sister, Rosie (sporting a very fine moustache).

There now follows an important public announcement regarding cat collar safety:

The only truly safe collar for your cat to wear is a collar which is fastened with a breakaway safety buckle.  Any other type of collar is potentially lethal.  A breakaway safety buckle will break apart under pressure, thus preventing your cat from becoming entangled should the collar snag on anything, or from inserting a front leg through the collar.  It’s important to test the breakaway buckle on your cat’s collar regularly as sometimes they stiffen with age – should this happen the collar will no longer be safe and you need to replace it immediately.

Elasticated collars (collars with a conventional buckle and an elastic insert in the fabric of the collar) are often incorrectly marketed as safety collars, when in fact they are anything but safe.  Should your cat snag an elasticated collar, for example when out and about tree climbing, the elasticated panel will allow the collar to stretch, which in theory means your cat can wriggle safely free.  Unfortunately these collars can also twist as they stretch, and your cat can then become trapped in a deadly noose.

It’s also possible for a cat to insert a front leg through an elasticated collar, which, if you’ve never seen a cat collar wound, sounds pretty innocuous.  For the uninitiated, a collar wound is a deep laceration, often in the ‘armpit’ area of a cat, which can occur very quickly after a leg is pushed through a collar.  This kind of injury is frequently very difficult to treat, and occasionally fails to heal at all.  If you’d like to find out more, here’s a link to the Feline Advisory Bureau information page about collar wounds.  (Don’t follow the link if you’re squeamish – the photos are quite graphic.)

Finally, never rely on a collar as the sole means of identifying your cat should he or she become lost – always make sure your cat is microchipped too.

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Christmas Gifts for Your Cat

This is the last ( but definitely most important!) post in the Cool For Cats UK Guide to Christmas series: how to keep your cat happy during the Yuletide celebrations.

Your cat will want to look the part over the festive season, so one of these Christmas-themed safety collars should go down a treat.

Tabby Cat Collars have a range of eight Christmas collars available (£6.00 each), plus the option to receive any collar of your choice in a clear plastic bauble, which comes with a red and white checked ribbon so that you can hang it on your tree, and also contains a cute little catnip mouse (£10.00)

cat safety collar tabby cat collars

Mog’s Togs have a range of Christmas collars, including this cheery ‘Jubilation‘ number (£5.95).  Mog’s Togs are offering a 15% discount to Cool For Cats UK readers – just enter the code COOLFORCATS  at the checkout.

cat safety collar by mog's togs

You’ll be feasting off the best crockery on Christmas Day, and your cat will expect to do likewise.  One of these Retro Enamel Cat Bowls by Pink Jellyfish (£12.00) should do the job.

retro enamel cat bowl by pink jellyfish

Post Christmas dinner party games are obligatory by law in the UK, and cats are not exempt from this legal requirement.

Molly’s Mice have a range of Christmas toys filled with super-strength catnip, including these stocking/mice packs (£6.99)

molly's mice superstrength catnip toys                      molly's mice superstrength catnip toys

If your cat prefers a larger rodent to wrestle with, one of these Plague Rats will fit the bill.  They’re made from natural linen, wool and leather, and filled with a potent combination of catnip and valerian root. (£3.00 each)

plague rat cat toy

This isn’t common knowledge, but most cats dream of owning their own sleigh (for complicated historical reasons to do with reindeer, the exact details of which have faded from the feline folk memory over the years) .  The Christmas Sleigh Cardboard Scratcher (£7.49) from Purrs in our Hearts will help cats fulfil their Yuletide yearnings – plus a percentage of all profits from this online shop are donated to UK cat rescue charities.

cat christmas sleigh cardboard scratcher

Help your cat burn off those Christmas calories with Da Bird  – but be prepared to clear a bit of space before you start playing with this toy, as cats go absolutely wild for it!  Available for £5.59 from Purrs in our Hearts.

da bird cat toy

After all that excitement your cat will be ready for the traditional Christmas Afternoon Snooze.  If you’re entertaining lots of human guests, and your cat decides it’s time for a bit of peace and quiet, one of these cozy felted merino wool beds by Love Cat Caves (£36.50) will provide a good hideaway.

felted merino wool cat cave by love cat caves

For fans of the army surplus look, there’s the super-smart Scruffs Aviator, available through Amazon for £18.50.  (It’s really a dog bed, but your cat will never know!)

scruffs aviator bed

Or if you think your cat would prefer to sleep off an excess of turkey in a more traditional donut, the beautiful Felix Sky Cat Bed is available from Pins and Ribbons for £35.00.

felix sky cat donut bed by pins and ribbons

Mog’s Togs Discount Code!

mogs togs cat safety collarmogs togs cat safety collarmogs togs cat safety collarmogs togs cat safety collarGuess what, you lucky people?  Mog’s Togs, purveyors of a wonderful range of handmade safety collars,  have been in touch with a 15% discount for Cool For Cats UK readers!  All you need to do is enter the code COOLFORCATS at the checkout on the Mog’s Togs website – it’s as simple as that.  One of my cats has a Mog’s Togs collar (black Skull & Crossbones, in case you’re wondering), so I can attest to their all-round loveliness and quality.

This code is valid until further notice.  You can read more about Mog’s Togs here..

Cat Safety Collars by Mog’s Togs

Mog’s Togs collars are the perfect accessory for the fashion-conscious feline who likes to stand out from the crowd.  Designed and handmade by Rachel Jinks, each collar is fitted with an all-important safety buckle, which will open under pressure.  (Elasticated collars which fasten using standard buckles can cause horrific injuries – Google ‘cat collar wounds’ if you’d like to find out more, but be prepared for some gruesome photos!)

I’m a big fan of Rachel’s collars and first featured Mog’s Togs on Cool For Cats UK a few months ago; since then I’ve purchased a collar for one of my own cats, and so can reliably inform you that they are extremely well made.  The Mog’s Togs Shop carries a wide range of fabric and webbing collars, all of which are refreshingly different from what’s available on the high street, but today I’m going to focus on the collars that Rachel makes from fabric which she has designed herself.  By designing her own fabrics Rachel surmounts the problem of finding patterns small enough to be used for collar making, and also ensures that the resulting collars are unique to Mog’s Togs.

Pictured above is the London Skyline Collar, which Rachel designed to commemorate the London 2012 Olympics.  The fabric features famous London landmarks Tower Bridge, Big Ben, The London Eye, 1 Canada Square,  the BT Tower, St Paul’s Cathedral and the Gherkin.  Ideal for sporty cats, but also suitable for armchair athletes!

Rachel has thoughtfully provided for any patriotic cats out there by designing a Union Jack fabric.  How about celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee year, with one of these?

Readers from Canada and the US: fear not, you have been catered for too with these unique Maple Leaf and Stars and Stripes fabrics.

And Harry Potter fans will love these Wizard collars – Rachel has designed a range of fabrics in Hogwarts house colours.

I asked Rachel if she has a background in design and was somewhat suprised to discover that she’s a statistician – who has inherited her creative side from her mother.  When it comes to designing fabrics Rachel’s enthusiasm for numbers combines very well with her more artistic talents  – her mathematical brain ensures pattern repeats are perfectly positioned!

Obviously all that creativity combined with a day job keeps Rachel very busy, but, being a kind-hearted soul, she also finds time to type up her two cats’ blog for them; keyboards and paws are a notoriously tricky combination, after all.


You can follow the adventures of Lila (left) and her daughter Mia over at the Mog’s Togs Blog.

The Wizard collars are available for £7.34 from the Mog’s Togs Etsy Shop.  All other collars featured are available from the Mog’s Togs Shop for £6.95 or £7.45, depending on design.

Tabby Cat Collars


These tiger and leopard print collars by Tabby Cat Collars are a must-have for every glamour puss this season.



The Tabby Cat Collars range will appeal to a wide variety of tastes, and is refreshingly different to what’s available on the average high street.  Each collar is designed and handmade by Tunbridge Wells-based Jen Manuel.   All Jen’s collars are fitted with a quick-release buckle – which will open under gentle pressure should the collar become snagged – ensuring that they are completely safe for cats and kittens.  The bells are removable, and each collar has a D-ring, which allows you to attach an id tag or charm.


The inspiration behind Tabby Cat Collars is Jen’s cat, the rather beautiful Tabitha (who’s recently celebrated her second birthday). Here she is modelling her green collar, which Jen designed to match the box Tabitha arrived in as a kitten.  How cute is that?

Tabby Cat Collars are available for just £6.00 from Jen’s Folksy shop.  Which one will your cat choose?

New Products from Old Friends

Here are some exciting new products out this week from designers and makers previously featured on Cool for Cats uk.

New from Mog’s Togs are these Tiny Hearts cat collars – perfect for Valentine’s Day, but lovely for the rest of the year too. They’re available for £5.95 from the Mog’s Togs website. (You’ll find them in the ‘Webbing Collars’ section.)



Petz Kitchen have added 2 new flavours to their range of healthy, home-baked cat treats: tuna and salmon, available for £2.95.  They also have free p&p up until midnight tonight on all orders containing a bag of fish flavoured biscuits.  Better head over to their website smartish!




And Ella Goodwin has added 2 new pieces of jewellery to her Percy the Cat range.

These cute cameo pendants are available for £13.21 from Ella’s Etsy shop.