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Super-stylish & Robust Cardboard Scratcher/Lounger Combos by myKotty

lui modern cardboard scratcher/lounger by myKotty - white

If you’re looking for some robust yet stylish cardboard cat furniture, these scratch/lounger combos, from Polish company myKotty, will be right up your street.  The simple design and sleek curves of the LUI (above) and its smaller cousin, the VIGO, will blend seamlessly into modern interiors, and both pieces are reversible, so will be very durable too.

vigo modern cardboard scratcher/lounger by mykotty - natural

lui modern cardboard scratcher/lounger by myKotty - natural

Both the LUI and the VIGO have a large scratching surface for your cat to really get their claws into, and also double up as a raised lounger – which will come in handy for a good snooze after all that exertion.

lui modern cardboard scratcher/lounger by myKotty - black

vigo modern cardboard scratcher/lounger by mykotty - black

The LUI and the VIGO have three colour options – black, white and natural cardboard.  Measurements: LUI – L75cm x H26cm x xW26cm; VIGO – L71cm x H21cm x W23cm.

vigo modern cardboard scratcher/lounger by mykotty - white

These modern scratcher/loungers are available in the UK from Specially4Cats, priced at £39.90 for the LUI and £37.90 for the VIGO (prices include free UK delivery).

Cardboard Cat Scratching Post by Kitty City – It’s a Bit of a Bargain!

cardboard scratching post by kitty city

There are plenty of horizontal cardboard cat scratchers around these days – which is good news for cats, who are all members of the Cardboard Fan Club; and good news for eco-conscious humans, who all like the fact that cardboard is 100% recyclable.  However, if your cat is a vertical claw sharpening devotee, any horizontal scratch furniture you kindly provide will be shunned and the war of attrition on your sofa/armchair/wallpaper etc. will continue unabated.

Vertical cardboard scratchers still seem hard to come by – particularly at the budget-friendly end of the cat furniture market.  Which is why I was very pleased to discover the Kitty City Corrugated Scratching Post currently on sale for just £9.99 at Pet Planet.  In fact I was so pleased that I bought one.   And it’s a very good product: the post is a decent height (52cm), and the (30cm x 30cm) base is pretty stable – so this scratcher would be fine for larger cats.  Plus, the post can be replaced with a £4.99 refill once it’s worn out – which will take a reasonable amount of time as you can rotate the pieces,  so when one section of the post gets a bit tired you can turn it round and your cat can have a go at a fresh piece.

cardboard scratching post by kitty city

Design-wise this scratching post is neutral enough to fit in anywhere, and you can also change the look of the post quite dramatically, depending on how you arrange the cardboard pieces.  I started off with a conventional square post, but, following an incident with the hoover flex, I now have a more interesting helix thing going on.

I’m afraid I don’t have any pics of the one I bought in use, so you’ll have to take my word for it when I say that the Kitty City scratching post has been a big hit with the natives round these parts.  Especially with Beryl.  And only the very brave or the very foolish would argue with Beryl.

Tres Chic Bamboo Cat Trees!

the boo range of stylish modern cat trees, by Martin Sellier made from bamboo

The Boo range of cat trees is by French pet products company, Martin Sellier.  This stylish modern cat furniture is made from bamboo, with sisal-covered poles and removable cotton cushions.

Naturellement, the Boo range n’est pas available dans le UK.  But, fear not, mes amis, French online retailer, Pecheur, stocks most of the pieces – with free UK delivery for purchases over £59.00.

Above left: Step Boo £114.40 (40 x 40 x 77cm); above right – Wheel Boo £79.39 (40 x 40 x 50cm).

Left: Big Boo £92.37 (40 x 40 x 100cm); right – King Boo £131.35 (40 x 40 x 109cm).  Psst: if – like me – you’re in possession of a highly unsophisticated sense of humour, it’s well worth clicking on the Big Boo link for the hilarious typo alone.

the boo range of stylish modern cat trees, by Martin Sellier made from bamboo

Left: Boo Cool £82.03 (44 x 35 x 40cm); right – Boo Drive £92.37 (40 x 35 x 85cm).

the boo range of stylish modern cat trees, by Martin Sellier made from bamboo

The Boo range is currently on special offer at Pecheur and the offer ends tomorrow (presumably at midnight).  So the prices I’ve listed are correct at the time of publishing, but will rise by around 10% when the offer finishes.  D’accord?  Bon!

The Zooplus Relax Scratch Bed – Dual Purpose Cardboard Cat Furniture (As Approved by Beryl & Martha!)


The succinctly named Relax Scratch Bed from ZooplusUK is a lounger/scratch pad combo made from every cat’s favourite material: cardboard – which has the added bonus of being fully recyclable.  The simple design featuring black cat silhouettes against a grey and white background will blend nicely with pretty much any decor style.

I bought one of these last week, as I thought my lot could do with another bed in the kitchen (it’s always a good idea to provide as many desirable snooze spots as you can for a multi-cat household, in order to reduce stress caused by competition over the best places for a nap).  As I already seem to spend half my life hoovering fabric cat beds, I thought a cardboard lounger would be ideal (you only need to show cardboard the hoover nozzle and any cat hair present vanishes within seconds); and I knew the fact that it doubles up as a scratch pad would be a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.


As you can see from the photos of Beryl (top) and Martha (above) the Relax Scratch Bed has been a big hit round these parts, both as a bed and a scratcher.  I can see why it’s proved popular: the surface is slightly concave, so provides a very comfy shallow dish to curl up for a snooze in, and it’s also large enough to be able to stand on for a good scratching session.

The Relax Scratch Bed has a diameter of 39cm and is 14cm high, and comes with a sachet of catnip.  It’s currently available for a very reasonable £7.99 from ZooplusUK.

The Krabhuis – Cute, Minimalist Cardboard Cat Scratcher/Den Combo


The Krabhuis is a fantastic new piece of cardboard cat furniture from the Netherlands.  It’s been designed by three architects with the aim of providing a beautiful alternative to ugly, mass-produced scratching furniture, and I’m sure you’ll agree that they’ve more than fulfilled their brief with this cute, minimalist cardboard house.


The Krabhuis design team obviously know a thing or two about cat behaviour – the Krabhuis is a cosy den/hideaway, which features multiple scratching areas, plus a window that can be used either for spying or for the slightly mystifying Frenzied Paw Scrabbling Around a Small Hole game.


As regular readers will know, I’m a massive fan of cardboard cat furniture – cats absolutely love it, and it’s fully recyclable, so is an environmentally-friendly way to keep our feline friends entertained.  The Krabhuis has been thoughtfully designed with cats’ needs in mind, and is constructed from 90% recycled cardboard, so is nice and eco-friendly, but it has one more impressive credential up its sleeve: it’s also a socially aware product.


The Krabhuis is assembled by clients at Amarant, a Dutch charity that provides support to enable children and adults with learning disabilities to lead full and active lives.  By offering supported employment opportunities (such as assembling the Krabhuis), Amarant provide their adult clients with the means to earn a wage while learning to work as independently as possible, and many of their clients then go on to find work with ‘mainstream’ companies.


The Krabhuis measures H52cm x W34cm x D38cm and is available for €69.00 (around £59 at current exchange rates), plus €20.80 (£18) for UK delivery.  Krabhuis kindly gave me permission to use some of their customers’ photos in this post – check out the Krabhuis Facebook Page for loads more cute pics of cats playing in cardboard houses.

(via: Hauspanther)

Cardboard Cat Den/Scratcher Combo with Cute Design & Nice Price Tag

XL hearts and roses den with scratcher from zooplusuk

This cardboard den/scratcher combo from Zooplus UK has an easy-clean outer surface complete with cute cat design in a Cath Kidston stylee.

XL hearts & roses cat den with scratcher from zooplusuk

Cardboard cat furniture is a guaranteed hit with any moggie, but I’ve found some of the cheaper items available don’t stand up well to the rough treatment larger cats are able to dish out.  This den is big enough to suit larger cats, and the Zooplus product info states that it is ‘ideal for larger breeds’.  Also, the scratch pad is reversible for extra durability – so all in all this den/scratcher combo looks to be pretty good value for money.

The XL Hearts & Roses Cat Den is available for £7.99.

Measurements: L58cm x W36cm x H41cm