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A Very Handy Cat-themed Way to Clean Your Gadget Screens


Here’s a handy cat-themed way to keep the screens on your smartphones, tablets, laptops etc. sparkling clean.  Stickems screen cleaners are made from ultra-fine microfibres with a self-cling backing, so can be attached to the reverse of your device ready to wipe any annoying smears from your screen.  The microfibres will remove dirt, oils, grease and make-up, leaving your screens squeaky clean, and the re-usable backing has been formulated not to leave a residue on your gadgets.


Stickems have more designs to choose from than you can shake a stick(em!) at (sorry about that – I’ve had a long day), but my favourite is the splendid folk art-inspired Cats Miaow by Alexandra Snowdon.


The Cats Miaow Large Stickem 30mm x 38mm (above) is available for £3.99, and The Cats Miaow Supersize Stickem 50mm x 90mm (top) will set you back £4.99.