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Looking for less-ordinary Xmas gifts for fellow cat lovers? Check out these three great UK Etsy shops:

ella-goodwin-cat-bagFor the uninitiated, Etsy is an international online market place where independent designer/makers and craftspeople tout their wares.  In my humble opinion, Etsy is THE go-to place if you’re looking for a present less-ordinary for your nearest and dearest, or maybe an unusual treat for yourself.  In order to buy from Etsy you have to register and create a profile on the site; but don’t let this put you off, as it’s simply a matter of providing an email address and username.  As far as I’m aware, all Etsy sellers accept PayPal, and many now take major credit cards too.

Anyway, enough with the chitchat: here are three of my favourite UK Etsy shops, each with a fabulous array of cat-themed goodies that are – of course – ideal Christmas gifts for fellow cat lovers.

Shop 1: Shop Miss Ella  I’m a massive fan of Ella Goodwin‘s whimsical cat creations, and her Etsy shop is a treasure trove of quirky cat-themed jewellery and art prints, beautiful handmade cat handbags and more.  Black Cat Bag (above) £40.77.  Also available in kit form for £18.82, if you’re buying for crafty types.

Cat Calendar 2014 – Catlendar Girls£11.29.  Printed on a fine art printer, so illustrations can be framed after use.


Shop 2: The Nosuch Disco  Online home of the incredibly cute and incredibly lard-arsed Fat Kitty, creation of designer/illustrator Dave Burgess.  Fat Kitty is based on real-life obese puss, Oscar – who belongs to one of Dave’s neighbours, but spends a lot of time hanging out round Dave’s place.  If you’re looking for something cute but not cutesy, or buying for fans of Kawaii, head over to The Nosuch Disco and check out Dave’s range of totes, t-shirts, art prints, smartphone cases and more.

I Heart Fat Kitty T-shirt, £14.99.


Shop 3: Doodlecats ‘Self-confessed crazy cat lady’ and artist, Beth Wilson, has a very distinctive style, and is a prolific creator of exceedingly cute, cartoon-like cat illustrations.  Beth sells loads of cat-themed jewellery, bags, keyrings, badges and more, all of which retail at under a tenner (and many at under a fiver) – so if you’re looking for stocking fillers, Doodlecats is the place to go!

Grey Cat Keyring, £5.00, and Crazy Cat Lady Keyring, £4.00.


Four Great One-stop Shops for Cat Lovers’ Xmas Pressies

I think the title of this post is pretty self explanatory; so without further ado….

Shop No. 1: Tattypuss – an impressively large collection of cat-themed homeware, jewellery, accessories, art, stationery and more; all with a contemporary feel.  Has a handy Stocking Fillers section with 59 products for under a tenner.  Great if you’re looking for something a little quirky, like these Si Cat Bookends by Dora Designs (£17.99).


Shop No. 2: The Cat Gallery – another large collection of cat-themed homeware, ornaments, jewellery, accessories, clothing and much more.  Products mainly contemporary in design.   Gifts Under £10 page, listing 40+ products.  Has a good-sized range of bags and purses, including this Catseye Tabby Shopper Bag for £6.00.


Shop No. 3: Mad About Cats – a seemingly never-ending range of cat-themed goodies.  Includes products to suit traditional and contemporary tastes.  Has a wide kitchenware range, which includes several kitsch Cat Salt & Pepper Sets.  (This one is £12.99).


And last, but by no means least, Shop No. 4: Mad Old Cat Lady –  a great source for fabulously off-the-wall cat-themed art, accessories, tableware, tea towels and t-shirts.  Ideal if you’re trying to buy for teenagers of the more gothic persuasion, or indeed anyone who’s proud to call themselves unconventional (and so they should be!).  Includes this great Feral Tee for £20.00 (inc. UK delivery).


Devilishly Cute T-shirts from Mad Old Cat Lady

women's number of the beasties cat t-shirt by mad old cat lady

As any horror fan will tell you, 666 is the number of the beast.  But there’s nothing scary about the trio of fluffballs on this eye-catching t-shirt by Mad Old Cat Lady!

The Number of the Beasties is a loose-fit tee with a flattering neckline, made from super-soft eco-friendly TENCEL (a fabric made with wood pulp from sustainable tree farms).  Available in sizes S, M, L for £25.00 (inc UK p&P).  Don’t dilly dally if you’re thinking of buying one of these t-shirts – the first run sold out pretty quickly!

And, just so all you cat men out there don’t feel neglected, the same design is available as a cotton men’s t-shirt in sizes S – XL for £20.00 (inc UK p&p).

men's number of the beasties t-shirt by mad old cat lady

I Love You But I’ve Chosen Cats T-shirt.


Here’s one for all you hardcore Cat Ladies out there!  The I Love You But I’ve Chosen Cats T-shirt is available for just £8.00 from young fashion label Veuxdoo, and is described as suitable for sizes 8, 10 and 12.

If you fancy this tee, don’t hang around as it’s a one-of-a-kind item; Veuxdoo specialise in one-of-a-kind vintage and custom clothing for ‘the fashion forward modern girl on the street’.  But I also happen to know that the Veuxdoo team are obsessed with cats, so it’ll definitely be worth entering ‘cats’ into their shop search engine from time to time to see what pops up!

Film-inspired Cat T-shirts for Men

mens cat t-shirt paws from truffle shuffleLadies and gentlemen (please imagine your own drum roll here), after an extensive search which has taken me to the far corners of the interweb and back again (another drum roll here, if you like), I present to you (brass instrument-based fanfare): some cat t-shirts that men might actually wear. Continue reading

Etsy Find – Fat Kitty by The Nosuch Disco

 fat kitty iphone case & pendant by the nosuch disco

The Fat Kitty range of t-shirts, bags, accessories, prints and cards is available from the UK Etsy shop The Nosuch Disco. Continue reading