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Rescue Kittens Review Tigga Teaser Toys from The Pet Business!

tigga teasers lion lure from the pet business

The Pet Business very kindly sent me some Tigga Teasers Lion Lures to donate to my local Celia Hammond Animal Trust (CHAT) rescue centre.  (And also one for the HQ Cats to check out.)

Tigga Teasers Lion Lures are very safe and durable fishing rod toys.  Safe because the fake fur lure is attached to the rod with a length of wire rather than *cord; and durable because the rods are made from acrylic, which is slightly flexible but strong enough to withstand anything even the largest cat can throw at it.  They are also handmade in the USA to a high standard, and used by none other than Mr Jackson Galaxy of My Cat From Hell fame – a pretty impressive recommendation, I’m sure you’ll agree!

lionlure copy

As soon as I set eyes on the Tigga Teasers Lion Lures I thought of Kay, who is the volunteer photographer at CHAT Lewisham and also runs the associated Catwalk Photo website and Facebook page.  Kay is an expert at operating her camera one-handed while cat-and-kitten-wrangling with the other.  But (as anyone who’s ever tried to photograph a feline friend will know) getting them to look in the right direction is often extremely blimmin’ difficult!

So me and a selection of Lion Lures gate crashed one of Kay’s rescue kitten shoots, to see if we could persuade said kitties to maybe please look in the direction of the camera while they were being snapped…  And it worked a treat!  The mouse-like fake fur lure and bell piqued the curiosity of even the shyest kittens, and I was easily able to keep the ‘mouse’ out of shot because it’s attached to wire and not dangling uncontrollably from a length of cord.

Kay took a couple of pics with the Lion Lure in shot for the purposes of this review.  Kittens Ashley and Pringle (top & below) were proving a bit camera shy, but once I whipped out a Lion Lure they soon changed their minds.  I love this action shot where little Ashley appears to have a giant paw!

Ashley and Pringle are looking for a forever home together.  If you live in South East London, and are interested in adopting them, you can visit the CHAT Lewisham branch any Saturday between 1pm & 5pm (no appt. necessary),  or call 020 8694 6545 or email  lewisham@celiahammond.org

tigga teasers lion lure from the pet business

The Lion Lures are now part of Kay’s rescue cat photography kit, and will make the job of capturing rescue cats on camera that much easier.  Quality adoption portraits are very important for rescue centre websites – appealing photos really help generate offers of forever homes for cats and kittens in need.  Thanks to The Pet Business for such a useful donation!

lionlure copy

But what did the HQ Cats make of their Tigga Teaser Lion Lure?  Immediately I opened the box, Alfie dived in and ran off with an orange Lion Lure, which he has now claimed as his and his alone (he carries the lure round in his mouth with the rod dragging behind him!), although he does sometimes let me play too.  I like the fact that the lure is attached to a long rod with a length of wire, rather than cord, as this allows for greater control; and with a little practice I was soon able to muster up a convincing impression of a mouse unwittingly going about his daily business in the presence of a Mighty Hunter.  Alfie loves it when I manoeuvre the lure behind a chair leg, or under a door, and let it twitch ever-so slightly while he goes into stalking mode.  Then, just as he thinks he has his prey cornered, a flick of the wrist sends the pesky ‘mouse’ whizzing off again, with Alfie in hot pursuit.  Sometimes, the mouse even takes to the air, which is, like, amazing!

Tigga Teasers Lion Lures are available from The Pet Business for £8.95.

Measurements: rod – 60cm; wire – 25cm; lure – 2.5cm x 5cm

*Traditional cord-type fishing rods are great for interactive play between you and your cat, but should never be used for unsupervised play, as, when playing solo, cats – particularly kittens – can become entangled in the cord, with potentially fatal consequences.

Herbal Remedy Toys for Feline Emotional Issues


We’re all familiar with catnip and the effect it has on some of our feline friends, but the idea of using herbs to help cats with emotional issues is perhaps not so familiar to most of us.

The Alley Katz range of herbal toys, containing mood-improving herbal remedies for cats, is by natural therapist, George McBurney.  George has studied zoopharmacognosy* and essential oil therapy for animals, and now works together with sewist, Tracy Sherman, to produce these cute therapeutic felt fish.

* (Me neither – it’s the study of behaviour in which non-human animals apparently self-medicate by selecting and ingesting or topically applying plants, soil, insects and psychoactive drugs to treat or prevent disease.  So now you know what it means, but I bet you still can’t pronounce it!)

The fish are available for £6.50 each, and measure 12cm x 6cm.

So what exactly are these herbal toys supposed to do for your cat?


1. Black – Catnip; no explanation needed here.

2. Blue – Yarrow; for cats who are over-sensitive.

3. Yellow – Chamomile; for cats who are anxious or suffer from tension.

4. Red – Rose; for cats who have suffered past trauma, need nurturing or need to release anger and resentment.


1. Pink – Jasmine; to calm and comfort cats deprived of affection.

2. Purple – Lavender; for cats who are nervous and anxious.

3. Grey – Comfrey; for bone, ligament or tendon repair.

4. Orange – Lemon Citrus Herbs; uplifting and aids concentration in cats.


1 Green – Peppermint; for cats who lack confidence, or often find themselves bored or lethargic.

2 Cyan – Seaweed; for cleansing the mind, body and soul and giving cats a sense of peace.

3 Cream – Angelica root; for rescue cats who may have deeply held emotions.

4 Brown – Valerian; for calming aggressive cats and helping them to focus.


While I find this range of toys an interesting concept, I have to say that I’m pretty sceptical as to any benefits our cats may actually derive from them.  I think the majority of benefits reported by humans who use herbal remedies are down to the placebo effect, and placebos just don’t cut the mustard where cats are concerned.  Anthropomorphic phrases such as ‘For cats who need to release anger and resentment’ also bother me, as I’m wary of ascribing human emotions to our feline companions; regarding cats as little hairy people can lead to unrealistic expectations for the human/cat relationship, resulting in disappointed humans and misunderstood cats.

But, as anyone who knows me will readily confirm, I am a cynical old bastard.  But not a dogmatic cynical old bastard, so if anyone reading this has had positive results from using any of the above herbal remedies to help cats with emotional issues, please leave a comment below and tell me all about it.  I promise to keep an open mind!.


40% Discount for July’s Cat Hampurr – a Subscription Box Filled With Quality Cat Goodies!

cat-hampurr-mayCat Hampurr is a monthly subscription box service for the UK’s cats.  Each box contains a selection of 4 – 6 high qualitiy goodies your cat will most definitely approve of.  The contents of the boxes are a closely guarded secret, to ensure a nice surprise on delivery; but as you can see from the above pic of June’s Cat Hampurr, the boxes contain a nice mix of cat-tastic products.

If your cat has been reading this over your shoulder, and helpfully fetched your debit card, scratched the word PayPal into the litter tray, or is maybe just using the classic I-really-really-need-this stare to get you to sign up for a monthly delivery of feline delights, you’re in luck: the lovely people at Cat Hampurr have given Cool for Cats UK readers who sign up for a subscription a whopping 40% discount on their first box.  This means you’ll get your first box for £9.57.  (Following your initial discount you’ll be billed a recurring fee of £11.95 + £3.95 each month; subscriptions can be cancelled at any time.)

To claim your 40% discount, simply click on THIS LINK, and you’ll find yourself on the Cat Hampurr order form with the discount code already in place for you.

NB: This code is only valid until midnight on Friday 4th July – so best get a wriggle on if you want to nab your cat a bargain!

Cat Hampurr Giveaway Winner!

cat hampurr - uk monthly subscription box for cats

Congratulations to Claire L, who has won a Cat Hampurr for her new rescue cat!  (Keep an eye out for an email from me, Claire.)

If you weren’t lucky enough to win, but think your cat would still like to get his/her paws on a box full of surprise goodies, head over to the Cat Hampurr site, where you can order a one-off trial box for £15.95, or subscribe to a monthly delivery for £11.95 per month.

Giveaway! Win a Cat Hampurr – the UK Subscription Box for Cats


Cat Hampurr is a new monthly subscription box service for the UK’s cats.  The company released their first box of cat goodies last month, and have now given a luck Cool for Cats UK reader the chance to win one of their June boxes.  I can’t tell you exactly what the box will contain, as Cat Hampurr keep the contents of their boxes top secret to ensure a nice surprise on arrival; but I can tell you that each box contains a selection of 4 – 6 high-quality goodies your cat will love, including food, treats, toys, accessories and health and grooming products – many of which you won’t see on the high street.

To enter this giveaway you need to do two things:

#1 thing – Leave a comment at the end of this post.

#2 thing – Pop over to the Cat Hampurr Facebook page and give it a ‘like.’  (Please mention in your comment if your Fb user name is different to the one you use with your email account.)

Please note: Giveaway entries must be in before midnight on June 8th!

cat-hampurr2If you want a cat’s honest opinion of a Cat Hampurr, check out this video review by the extremely handsome and charismatic Gizmo (with a little help from his friend Beth who runs the Beauty in Beta YouTube channel).

And now for some giveaway rules:

To enter the giveaway please leave a comment at the end of this post and ‘like’ the Cat Hampurr Facebook page.  Entries must be in before midnight on 8th June 2014.  Only one entry per person, please!  The winner will be selected by a random electronic draw on 09/06/14 and notified by email. The winner will receive one Cat Hampurr.  Prize must be claimed within 14 days of notification by email, otherwise a new winner will be selected. Sorry, but this giveaway is only open to addresses within the UK!

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Cat-tastic Cat Beds from Cleo Pets!


The lovely people at Cleo Pet very kindly sent the HQ Cats and current foster family some of their cat products to try out.  We’ve had the stuff for four weeks now, which means it’s been thoroughly scrutinised and put through its paces.  So what did the Inspection Team make of their new goodies?

First up: the Large Duffle Bed.  This bed/cat cave combo is available in a number of colours and patterns, ranging from the sensible to the magnificently kitsch, with a touch of bling in between.  I opted for Blue Tartan, as it reminds me of a duffle bag I had in my younger days and lost on a night bus after an evening of particularly enthusiastic lager consumption.  But I digress.  Here’s Ethel pondering the meaning of life from within the warm surrounds of a Duffle Bed.


The Large Duffle Bed is basically a cat magnet.  The fleece-lined interior and soft cushion are an irresistible combination of privacy and comfort, and the bed is plenty big enough for larger breeds – H60cm, Diameter 50cm.

The duffle cover is easy to remove and replace for cleaning – I know this as I incurred the wrath of five cats when I decommissioned their new favourite bed in order to put it through a 30° wash cycle when it wasn’t even dirty.  I tried to explain that this was necessary for the purposes of a full and comprehensive review, but my pleas for clemency were met with a steely silence.  Fortunately, the Duffle Bed copes with a machine wash very well and dries within a few hours, so my indiscretion was forgiven fairly quickly.

As for the all-important matter of aesthetics, the Duffle Bed is quite a handsome devil – and the Blue Tartan looks rather nice in my kitchen – but I have replaced the original tie with some plain, black nylon cord, as I found the cream rope thingy a bit too show-home-curtains for my taste.

The Large Duffle Bed is available from Cleo Pets for £32.99.

We were also provided with a Deluxe Cat Napper Chair Bed to give the once over.  Here’s Ethel again (she was hogging the limelight on the day I photographed the beds).  Actually, Ethel really likes this bed, and can get quite cross if she finds another cat in it!


The Napper and Large Napper ranges of elevated hammocks are available in loads of colourways and several different fabrics and sizes.  The one we’ve been trying out here is made from faux fur and is 41cm high with a diameter of 50cm, which gives plenty of room for larger cats.  The steel tube frame provides a decent amount of stability – it’s very hard to tip over (I’ve tried!), so would be suitable for fatty bum-bums too.

Once again the cover is easy to remove and replace, handles a machine wash well and dries very quickly.  All-in-all this is a top-notch cat bed that ticks all the right feline boxes: elevated, stable and super-snuggly.  Aesthetically I find it a touch on the bland side, but this is compensated for by its cat-appeal.  (And cats don’t give a stuff about aesthetics!)

The Deluxe Cat Napper is available from Cleo Pets for £19.99.

And finally we have the Springy Tree Cat Toy.  I thought I’d let the foster family put this one through its paces, and it’s gone down a storm!  As the name suggests, this toy is a large spring (base diameter – 37cm; height – 50cm) with an assortment of jingly mice and balls attached by lengths of cord – which, I should point out, are short enough to prevent anyone from becoming entangled.  The slightest touch sends the spring bobbing around and the mice and balls swinging and jingling.  As you can imagine, this is very exciting for young foster cats!  (They’re busy playing with it as I write.)

Here’s a short video of brothers Edward and Peter enjoying some Springy Tree action, and mum, Dora,  gatecrashing the party.  (You may need to click on the post title link to view the video if you’re reading this via email or RSS feed.

The Springy Tree Cat Toy is available from Cleo Pet for £14.99.