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Cupboard Love?

If you’re sick of Valentine’s Day schmaltz, then you’ll enjoy this animated short made by Anna (and her friend James) from Ethical Pets. It stars the plasticine animals from the Ethical Pets logo, who seem to be entangled in a love triangle.  Hell hath no fury like a rabbit scorned…until he stuffs his face with chocolate!

Anna’s video features organic vegan truffles, made by independent Norfolk-based company Booja-Booja.  Keep an eye on the Ethical Pets Blog for future films highlighting ethical products from other small, UK-based producers.

I think the young lady in this next video has maybe had one truffle too many…  You have to admire her determination though!

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Who? Me?

Seem to remember being caught out this way a few times as a kid;  I’ve always had a rubbish poker face.

Evolutionary Step?

OK; so now they can walk on two legs… What next?  Opposable thumbs?  Be afraid, people.  Be very afraid.

Cats Against Sopa

In case you’re wondering why some of your favourite sites are blacked-out today, it’s because they’re protesting about two pieces of proposed US legislation, the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), and the Protect IP Act (PIPA), which, if passed, will change the internet as we know it.

If they become law SOPA and PIPA will effectively give the US Government and US entertainment corporations control over censoring the internet.  Those of us living outside the US will be affected too.  You can register your protest by signing this petition.

Here is a video of a man playing a game of fetch with his cat while giving a rather long-winded explanation of the proposed legislation.  If you’d prefer a more succinct version, without cats, here’s a link to another video.

Happy Slapping for Cats

This cat’s having a great time, but there’s something vaguely sinister about the man in the white coat.  And what are those paddles used for normally?  Or shouldn’t I ask…?

On the Road to Nowhere

There are quite a few ‘cats on treadmills’ videos doing the rounds on YouTube, but I think this is the best one.  It’s the look of sheer determination on the tortie’s face that makes me chuckle.