The Aikiou Stimulo Interactive Cat Bowl


aikiou stimulo interactive cat bowlThis weird and wonderful looking contraption is the Aikiou Stimulo, and has been designed to stimulate your cat’s natural hunting behaviours when it comes to mealtimes.  Dried food is placed inside the tubes and your cat has to work out how to access it.  While the food inside the shallow tubes is fairly easy to access, the food at the bottom of the longer tubes is more tricky to get at, and requires a bit of feline brain power!

I know fishing biscuits out of plastic tubes doesn’t appear to bear a great deal of resemblance to chasing mice, but having to think about dinner in this way, rather than diving head first into a food dish and nom nomming through an entire meal in a couple of minutes, is supposed to simulate the way in which cats search and hunt for their food in the wild.

aikiou stimulo interactive cat bowlIn addition to providing your cat with that all-important mental workout, the Aikiou Stimulo also aids digestion, as the rate of food consumption is slowed right down – great news for our feline friends who have the unfortunate habit of scoffing their meals down so quickly that the whole lot gets regurgitated several seconds later!

The Aikiou Stimulo has a slip-proof base, can be easily dissembled for cleaning and is dishwasher-safe.

The Aikiou Stimulo is quite widely available in the UK, so I’ve had a bit of a look around online and VetUK seem to be offering it at the lowest price (when you take p&p into account) – available for £12.42.

Thanks to Jen from Tabby Cat Collars and her sister Carol for the find.

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  1. now that’s rather interesting

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