The Fish Bowl by Hing Designs


The Fish Bowl by Hing Designs is a sturdy double feeder with non-slip rubber feet, and is designed and manufactured in the UK.  The stainless steel bowls are removable and fully dishwasher-safe.

It’s a not a good idea to expect two cats to share a double feeder, as even cats with a close bond don’t like to eat in such close proximity to one another; but they are very handy if your cat likes wet food and biscuits served separately.

I think these colourful fishes would look great in most kitchens/utility rooms (I’m assuming that’s where the majority of you feed your cats!), and would certainly brighten up meal times.

Hing Designs also produce a range of dog bowls, and are jolly nice people who demonstrate their commitment to dog rescue by donating a percentage of their profits to a number of animal charities.

The Fish Bowl is available from The Pet Extraordinarium for £20.60 (p&p £1.75).

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