The Flip Litter Box – This Month’s Giveaway Prize Reviewed

flip litter box by modko - modern minimalist litter tray

Seeing as it would be all kinds of wrong for me to enter my own giveaway, I took advantage of the Modko 20% Summer Sale and snapped up a Flip Litter Box for €88 (around £77 – price includes UK delivery).

77 quid may seem a lot to pay for a litter tray, but I was happy to part with that  kind of cash in order to solve the ugly-cat-toilet-in-the-corner problem – a real bug-bear of mine.  Plus the Flip is a high quality product which should last for many years, and I know that I’ll be sharing my home with cats forever, so I consider it a worthwhile investment.

I’ve had my Flip for nearly four weeks now, and I’m very pleased to say it’s lived up to my expectations.  It looks great, as I’m sure you can tell from the photos I’ve included of it sitting pretty in my kitchen; but how practical is it?

flip litter box by modko - modern minimalist litter tray

The hinged, top-mounted lid is a design innovation – a massive improvement on the traditional clip-on lids.  It’s so easy to use that it effectively transforms the Flip from a covered box into an open tray in under a second – which makes scooping a doddle.  And it really does ‘gratifyingly shut with a snap’ as Modko claim in their publicity material!

The Flip comes with a scoop which can be hung from either side of the lid, which is always a good feature in a litter tray, and the lid can be opened without having to first remove the scoop – very convenient indeed if you’re a compulsive litter tray checker like me.

The Flip has been designed for use with or without liners.  If you have well-behaved cats who can be relied upon to wee sitting down, you’ll find the waxed paper liners easy to fit using the band provided, and Modko say that they should last for around a month.  I use my Flip without, as litter tray liners are no use whatsoever if you have cats who wee standing up (Alfie and Ida, you have been named and shamed!) –  wee just gets trapped between the liner and the tray and quickly becomes smelly.  If you decide against using the liners, I’d advise using a wood-based clumping litter to prolong the life of the tray, as clay granules cause scratches which harbour smells and germs.

It’s probably also worth mentioning that the Flip is reasonably easy to carry when filled with litter as the small ‘wings’ on either side of the top edge (not easily visible in the photos) act as handles.

flip litter box by modko - modern minimalist litter tray

And so last, but by no means least: what do the HQ Cats make of their posh new litter tray?  They love it!  The Flip is a decent size, so great for multi-cat households.  In fact, my lot are so impressed with theirs that it’s now officially the Most Frequently Used Litter Tray in the Flat.  Quite an accolade, I’m sure you’ll agree!

To enter the giveaway (entries must be in by midnight 31st July) and for further info regarding measurements, please click here.  If you’d like to grab yourself a bargain Flip like I did, head over to the site – but hurry, as the sale ends on 1st August!

4 responses to “The Flip Litter Box – This Month’s Giveaway Prize Reviewed

  1. Hi Kathy,
    Thanks for another great review! If you had to choose between the Modkat and the Flip, which would you choose?

    • Hi Yasmin
      From a human perspective it’s hard to choose between them – both look great, both easy to maintain, although I would say that the Flip is slightly more robust. But my cats definitely prefer the front entry of the Flip over the rooftop access of the Modkat – two of them won’t use the Modkat, but they all like the Flip. Hope this helps!

  2. Great review! Have you cleaned it out yet, it seems like it might be a little tricky to clean without the liner as it’s so deep. Does the litter (and wee…) go down into the four “feet”? I’m sorely tempted to buy one for Mia and Lila. Would have to hide the price from the Mr though, even with the sale!!

    • I don’t find the added depth makes it tricky to clean (but I’m used to dealing with deep trays due to a succession of resident and foster cats who insist on vertical weeing!), and there are no corresponding feet indents inside the tray – the bottom’s completely smooth. Afraid I can’t help with Mr Mog’s reaction to the price though!

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