The Koziol Cat Dish – Cute, Stylish & Practical

koziol cat dish - white

The Kozoil Cat Dish, has a cute little bird perched on the top edge, which acts as a handle to make lifting the bowl up from the floor that much easier; which in turn will shave a few vital nanoseconds off food preparation time –  very handy when you’re being subjected to pawing, head-butting, incessant yowling, and various other ‘Hurry up with my bloody dinner!’ demands.

The dish is made from plastic, and has a high-gloss, easy to clean inner surface with a matt exterior.  Rubber feet prevent the bowl from sliding around during meal times.  Measurements: Diameter 18.5cm; Height 13cm.

koziol cat dish - green

Available for £17.00 from John Lewis in stylish, minimalist white, and VERY LOUD lime green.

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