The Krabhuis – Cute, Minimalist Cardboard Cat Scratcher/Den Combo


The Krabhuis is a fantastic new piece of cardboard cat furniture from the Netherlands.  It’s been designed by three architects with the aim of providing a beautiful alternative to ugly, mass-produced scratching furniture, and I’m sure you’ll agree that they’ve more than fulfilled their brief with this cute, minimalist cardboard house.


The Krabhuis design team obviously know a thing or two about cat behaviour – the Krabhuis is a cosy den/hideaway, which features multiple scratching areas, plus a window that can be used either for spying or for the slightly mystifying Frenzied Paw Scrabbling Around a Small Hole game.


As regular readers will know, I’m a massive fan of cardboard cat furniture – cats absolutely love it, and it’s fully recyclable, so is an environmentally-friendly way to keep our feline friends entertained.  The Krabhuis has been thoughtfully designed with cats’ needs in mind, and is constructed from 90% recycled cardboard, so is nice and eco-friendly, but it has one more impressive credential up its sleeve: it’s also a socially aware product.


The Krabhuis is assembled by clients at Amarant, a Dutch charity that provides support to enable children and adults with learning disabilities to lead full and active lives.  By offering supported employment opportunities (such as assembling the Krabhuis), Amarant provide their adult clients with the means to earn a wage while learning to work as independently as possible, and many of their clients then go on to find work with ‘mainstream’ companies.


The Krabhuis measures H52cm x W34cm x D38cm and is available for €69.00 (around £59 at current exchange rates), plus €20.80 (£18) for UK delivery.  Krabhuis kindly gave me permission to use some of their customers’ photos in this post – check out the Krabhuis Facebook Page for loads more cute pics of cats playing in cardboard houses.

(via: Hauspanther)

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