The Zooplus Relax Scratch Bed – Dual Purpose Cardboard Cat Furniture (As Approved by Beryl & Martha!)


The succinctly named Relax Scratch Bed from ZooplusUK is a lounger/scratch pad combo made from every cat’s favourite material: cardboard – which has the added bonus of being fully recyclable.  The simple design featuring black cat silhouettes against a grey and white background will blend nicely with pretty much any decor style.

I bought one of these last week, as I thought my lot could do with another bed in the kitchen (it’s always a good idea to provide as many desirable snooze spots as you can for a multi-cat household, in order to reduce stress caused by competition over the best places for a nap).  As I already seem to spend half my life hoovering fabric cat beds, I thought a cardboard lounger would be ideal (you only need to show cardboard the hoover nozzle and any cat hair present vanishes within seconds); and I knew the fact that it doubles up as a scratch pad would be a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.


As you can see from the photos of Beryl (top) and Martha (above) the Relax Scratch Bed has been a big hit round these parts, both as a bed and a scratcher.  I can see why it’s proved popular: the surface is slightly concave, so provides a very comfy shallow dish to curl up for a snooze in, and it’s also large enough to be able to stand on for a good scratching session.

The Relax Scratch Bed has a diameter of 39cm and is 14cm high, and comes with a sachet of catnip.  It’s currently available for a very reasonable £7.99 from ZooplusUK.

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