Urban Cat Design

Urban Cat Design are based in the Netherlands (Amsterdam), and design and make modern cat furniture.  Their range is very clean and sleek, and really compliments contemporary interiors.  Each piece is handmade from solid MDF, which is then sprayed with 3 coats of scratch-resistant white paint.  The carpet inserts and cushion covers are available in 9 different colours.

Urban Cat Design offer free p&p to the UK (and most of Europe).

The CatCase is a bookcase/cat tree combination.  “Great!  But how does that work?”  I hear you ask.  Well, there are separate compartments for cats and books, and the cat sections link internally to form a sort of staircase.  Which means cats and their owners can benefit from the same piece of furniture, and nobody has to put up with a sisal-and-biege-carpet-covered monstrosity in the corner of the room in the interests of cat-entertainment.  What more could you ask for?

The Catinet is another multi-functional piece: it disguises the litter tray, supresses the worst of the stinkers and provides storage for bags of litter etc.  Hurrah!


The CatScratch requires no explanation, but is a rather more-attractive-than-usual variation on a familiar theme.


The CatLedge provides a great place for your cat to perch and/or snooze and comes in 3 different shapes: rectangle, triangle and round.


And finally, there’s the CatCube, which is basically a cat bed that can be fixed to the wall, so that you gain a bit of floor space and your cat gains a comfy vantage point.

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