WANTED: Forever Home For Cheeky Cat Burglar

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Regular Cool For Cats UK readers may already be familiar with Stuart, the magnificently moustachioed foster cat.

Last week Stuart and I bid each other a fond farewell, as the lovable little rascal returned to the rescue centre from whence he came in order to improve his chances of being homed (he’ll now be seen by everyone who comes to the centre to choose a cat, rather than having to wait for someone to request him specifically from the charity’s website).  He will be greatly missed by me, but not the rest of the HQ Cats, who found him incredibly irritating (I don’t blame them either – Stuart’s a World Champion at dive-bombing and high-speed pursuit)!

Poor Stuart’s currently feeling a bit lost and lonely down at the rescue centre, so the sooner he finds his forever home the better; which is why I thought I’d lend him a helping hand and put out an appeal on his behalf to all you lovely readers!

stuart the tuxedo cat

I’ve fostered a fair few cats and kittens over the years, and I can honestly say that none have made me laugh as much as Stuart did – he’s just got such an engaging personality, and is very cheeky with it!  Young Stuart’s also a feline brain box – particularly when it comes to getting his paws on a tasty snack!  Check out this video of The Cheeky Cat Burglar himself in action:

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2- year-old Stuart would like a home with a garden where he can be the only cat, as he thinks he should be the sole recipient of any human attention on offer, and can be rather dominant towards other cats.  He’d be suitable for an adult home and would also be great for a family with children of 8 years or older, as he absolutely loves interactive play (he’s obsessed with fishing rod toys), so he and the kids could keep each other occupied for hours!  Stuart’s not overly fond of being picked up for cuddles, but he is affectionate when he wants to be and does like a lap to curl up on when he finally runs out of steam.

Basically, Stuart’s a super-smart, cheeky little monkey who absolutely thrives on human company and will love anyone who’s willing to keep him entertained and provide strokes on demand.

Stuart the tuxedo cat

Tempted?  Here’s a couple more things about him that you need to know.  Despite his mega-brain Stuart doesn’t have a very well-developed sense of danger-awareness, so he cannot have access to busy roads and really needs to be kept an eye on when you’re cooking – he’s prone to leaping onto a lit stove to try and grab food from hot pans!  Also, although young Stuart is brimming with confidence once he gets to know someone, he can be very nervous around unfamiliar people, so will need a couple of weeks of patient handling to help him settle in to his new home – in other words he won’t be an instant best friend!

Still interested?  Well head over to the Celia Hammond Animal Trust’s site and check whether you’re in their catchment area – you’ll be OK if you live in the eastern half of London or in some parts of Kent and Sussex, but you’ll have to be able to travel to the CHAT Lewisham Branch to meet him.

Live in the right area and convinced Stuart’s the cat of your dreams?  Have a look at his profile on the Lewisham Homing page (he’s the first cat on there, and they’ve referred to him as ‘Stuey’), where you’ll find an adoption email address and contact number.  If you do decide to welcome this lovely little man into your life I can promise you won’t be disappointed!

STOP PRESS: The Lewisham Branch of the Celia Hammond Animal Trust are holding an Adoption Open Day this Saturday, 23rd March.  If you’d like to adopt a cat why not pop in and meet Stuart and his numerous fellow residents in need of forever homes. (PLEASE only attend this open day if you genuinely want to adopt, as I’m afraid there simply isn’t enough time and manpower available to accommodate people who’d just like to look around the rescue centre – sorry!)

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  1. Hi Kathy, Thanks for looking after Stuey / Stuart so well. He is clearly a super cat in many ways! He is at our Lewisham Branch now and is hoping for someone to come and give him a new home very soon!
    If you are interested please email us lewisham@celiahammond.org or tel 020 8694 6545 or pop along to our Open Day this Saturday 1 – 6 p.m 233-235, Lewisham Way London SE4 1UY

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